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We are available to cater your event, large or small!  If British food doesn't suit your event, our chefs can customize a menu to accommodate your event's needs.  Our full British catering menu can be found below.




Mini Beef Wellingtons- Roast Beef/Mushroom/Shallot/Thyme/Pastry

Tea Sandwiches

  • Cucumber- Cucumber/Butter/Mint/Cottage Bread

  • Smoked Salmon- Pumpernickel/Creme fraiche/ Dill

  • Egg Salad- Dill/Aioli/Dijon/Cottage Bread

Coronation Chicken Puffs- Curry/mango chutney/chicken/sour cream/puff pastry

Sausage Rolls - Sausage/sage/Mace/puff pastry

Scotch Eggs - Hard boiled egg/sausage/Chive/breadcrumb

Mini Shepherd's Pies -  Beef/mix of vegetables/mashed potatoes

Onion Tarts -  Onion/cream/Buttery pastry crust

Bubble and Squeak Patties -  Potatoes/cabbage/Olive Oil/Odd Veggies

Prawn Cocktail -  Lettuce/Tomato Chutney/Lemon/Chive



Gratin Potatoes-  Thin sliced potatoes/cheese

Garlic Mash-  Mashed peel on/garlic/butter/cream

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes- Olive oil/fresh herbs/seas salt

Bombay- Style Potatoes- Black mustard/cumin/garam masala/turmeric/red chili

Honey Roasted carrots- Local Honey/butter/herbs

Yorkshire and Gravy-  Fluffy Yorkshire/Hearty onion gravy/mushrooms


  • Saffron-  Saffron/Turmeric/butter

  • Pilaf- White rice/garlic/herbs/lemon

  • Vegetable Pilau -  Indian Spices/green beans/cauliflower/carrots/peas/raisin/pistachio


  • Mint/Almond/PineNut

  • Berkswell/Peas/lemon/Herb

Beet and Rocket Salad- Beet/blood orange/walnut

Sweet Pea Au Gratin- cream/aged cheddar

Cucumber Fennel Salad with Herb Cheese-  cucumber/scallion/yogurt/cracked pepper

Spring Pea Salad-  Radish/yogurt/dill/spinach/arugula

Warm Wilted Winter Greens- Honey/balsamic/walnut/berkswell

Naan Bread - Sourdough


Commonwealth Platters (Selection of National Dishes)

  • India

  • Jamaica

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • South Africa

  • New Zealand

  • Fiji Islands


High Tea

Tea- yorkshire gold/ english breakfast/earl grey/prince of whales


  • Sweet

    • Cream Scone

    • Chocolate

    • Fruit

    • Cinnamon

  • Savory

    • Herb

    • Cheese

    • Garlic

Clotted cream  

Herb Butter


Whipped Cream

Lemon Curd

Assorted Jams

  • Raspberry

  • Plum

  • Strawberry

  • Orange Marmalade

Rainbow Jam Tarts-   Sweet Pastry/Assorted Fillings

Mini Yorkshire Puddings -  Beef/horseradish/rosemary



Cullen Skink- Smoked Haddock/potatoes/cream

Cockaleekie- Chicken/leek/thyme/white wine

Brown Windsor -  beef/barley/vegetable/bay leaf

English Country Cheddar- Sharp Cheddar/white wine/cream/chives

Mulligatawny-  curry/rice/vegetable

London Particular - green peas/smoked ham/thyme




  • Slow roasted with Chili Orange Marmalade

  • Apple/Rosemary/Carrot

Roast Chicken

  • Parsley/Rosemary/Thyme/Lemon

  • Empire Roast Chicken - Garam masala/tomato/ginger/yogurt

Bangers - Traditional Irish pork sausage

Poached Fish- Atlantic Cod/White wine/Fennel

Beef Olives - bacon/pork/wrapped beef/gravy

Roast Beef- Rosemary/Carrot

Beef Wellington- tenderloin/mushroom/thyme/puff pastry

Lancashire Hot Pot - Lamb/potatoes/gravy

Lamb-  Red wine/ Rosemary/Mint

Kedgeree-   Smoked haddock/Bay/turmeric/coriander/rice

Rabbit Bolognese-  Penne/tomato/mushroom/12 hour rabbit

Chicken Mushroom Pie

Steak and Ale Pie

Shepherd's Pie- beef/vegetable/mashed potato top



Trifle- Seasonal Berry/sponge cake/brandy/whipped cream

Mars Bar Cheesecake

Rolly Polly- flakey pastry roll/assorted fillings

Jaffa Cakes- orange marmalade/chocolate

Banoffee Pie - bananas/cream

Spotted Dick- vanilla bean/currant/lemon/custard

Treacle Tart- Golden Syrup/lemon/crumb

Cambridge Burnt Cream- double cream/vanilla bean/crisp caramel glaze

Lardy Cakes - apricot/cherry/spice/icing

Carrot Cake- carrot/walnut/golden raisin/cream cheese vanilla bean frosting

Rice Pudding- cream/cinnamon/allspice/cardamom/clove

Simnel Cake  - currant/cherry/candied peel/almond/apricot jam/marzipan

Apple Pie with white cheddar white chocolate bechamel

Assorted pies- blueberry/cherry/strawberry/lemon/peach/apple/mixed fruit

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