Fish and Chips $10
beer-battered cod with thick-cut house fries

Chicken and Chips $10
cornmeal battered chicken with thick-cut house fries

Cock and Dock $10
1 pc fish, 1 pc chicken with thick-cut house fries

Shrimp and Chips $10
6 jumbo lightly battered fried shrimp and house fries

Motion Ocean $13
fish, chicken, shrimp, and house fries

Bangers and Mash $10
english-style sausages on garlic mash potato served on a split roll with caramelized onions

Chicken or Veggie Tikka Masala $10 (veg.$9)
grilled chicken with roasted potato, bell pepper, and onions in a creamy tomato sauce served on jasmine rice (veggie- no cream, no chicken)

Pickle and Cheddar $5
grilled cheese with Branston pickle chutney

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